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Wise Food 120 Serving Breakfast Only Grab and Go Bucket



Product Description

Introducing our new formulation with lower sodium and trans fat. 120 Servings breakfast assortment. No entrees. About the Product (20 Servings) Strawberry Granola Crunch (40 Servings) Brown Sugar Maple Multi-Grain Cereal (20 Servings) Crunchy Granola (40 Servings) Apple Cinnamon Cereal 120 Servings Breakfast Assortment. No Entrees. 120 Serving Breakfast Only Grab and Go Bucket. This Grab N Go container includes 30 four serving mylar pouches with a variety of different Breakfasts. This allows you to open one pouch at a time without decreasing the shelf life of all the other pouches left in the bucket.

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